Muhammad Bilal Qadri Attari is the Most Popular and Famous personality in the Field and Group of Sana Khawans around the Whole Globe and undoubtedly the most kind hearted person and a good human being which is known as the king of Manqabats through his Mind Blowing and Marvelous Series of “YA HUSSAIN IBN-E-ALI” (I & II). He is quite famous al-around the world and is known for his melodious voice and unique style of expressing his great love and respect with the Holy Prophet, HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (Salalahualahi Wasalam). There are millions of Bilal Qadri’s fans all around the whole world who love him and his melodious and sensitive voice. His Fans are so Inspired by him that they always come to know what is going on with him and where is he always contact him for their big programs in various cities of Pakistan as well as in the world. People do not know about this Young Talented boy named Bilal Raza Qadri. So here I am Disclosing some of his personal details which are still under cover and no one exactly knows about him that how he works what was he, where he came from where he live, how he became famous how he spent his life how he practice how he perform, today each & Everything will be Covered by Me as My name is Ali and I am the Child hood Friend of Bilal Raza Qadri. In his Whole career this is the First Time ever going to be happening that some one is writing his Biography after his kind approvals I am willing to write about him a lot more things related to his life and his Blasted Enthusiasm Brighter Career. Insha-Allah-o-Rabb-ul Aalameen I will try to write about him each & every single thing which is attached to His Life. Today he is one of an ideal for millions of Ashiqan-e-Rasool – Allah across the globe. He is a Great Live Performer and so much popular at the age of just 26, and the journey has just begun.

He’s the person who is also teaching us the True Meaning of Love of AQA (Salalhawaalahi Wasalm) & Madinah Munawara. He’s the Energetic Boy and He’s a Great Live performer by himself & all people of the world know him, whose naats makes us cry in the Love of Madinah & Ahl-e-Bait, who is known as Sana Khawan-e-Mustafa (Salalahe Wailahi Wasalam). So do visit the Site and promote this Site (, For The Lovers Of Naat Khawani In Pakistan “MUHAMMAD BILAL RAZA QADRI ATTARI” The One & Only melodies voice and style which makes us so influenced in listening naats who is spreading the teachings of Hazrat-Muhammad-e-Mustafa (Salalhawaalahi Wasalm) & Ahl-e-Bait.

Special Thanks (Mr. Ali)